In recent years there has been a steep increase in learning and development delivered via an online video course.  It is both a practical and resource saving way to deliver staff training efficiently.  It also allows staff to work at there own speed and time.

The Aim and Approach

Working for Custodian and Travelport Digital we produced a series of 7 online tutorials about app marketing.  First refining the scripts that were produced from the course outline with the tutor, the fantastic Phoebe Collinson. Having the person who is eventually to read working at the drafting stage is a great help.  When they stand in front of the camera, it is not the first time that they have read the material.

A detailed recce led to a discussion about tone.  Initially the client had wanted to go for a more studio feel to the piece, but I argued against that.  The final open-plan office location with people and movement behind was more dynamic and casual, balancing the authoritative tone of the delivery.

Over the course of an afternoon we recorded Phoebe’s delivery to camera utilising the autocue.  The autocue is an enormous benefit, and not only with the obvious difficulty of having to learn so much script.  A delivery straight down the lens gives both a presence and an authority to the video, that is essential in tutorial work.  Also studies have shown that a direct delivery helps people to retain more information in a learning scenario.

Even though we took our time and filmed multiple angles, recording the entire 15 page script took less than two hours.  A lot of this was down to the talent in front of the camera and the preparation completed prior to filming.

The Result

The in-depth app marketing lessons covering everything from App Store Optimisation and paid and owned media through to Campaign Tracking.  An excellent learning and development tool, which also serves a dual purpose of driving sales through increased online content.

An excellent afternoons work with great people.  We look forward to doing it again.

Here is a link to the course, its free and in the end you get a certificate in travel app marketing!