Irish International approached us to produce this series of videos for a vehicle maintenance tutorial for the Road Safety Authority.  The social media campaign, was a simple guide to maintenance checks, a non-mechanic can carry out on a vehicle.

The Approach

The first step working alongside Irish International was to source and recce a suitable location for the filming.  We decided upon the D-Light studios as the location to turn into our stylish garage for the filming. The space allowed the essential car access but also gave our large crew the space to spread out comfortably.

Over 2 days we recorded motoring journalist Geraldine Herbert as she walked us through a series of simple mechanical checks.  Her delivery, completed using autocue straight to camera, helped both accuracy and authority.  Using extensive autocue allows us to work swiftly and smartly.  This was one of the largest shoots we have conducted in terms of equipment, lighting and crew, to deliver an advert quality final product.  One of the requirements was independent monitoring by both client and crew.  A series of monitoring stations throughout the studio were set-up to cover this aspect of the shoot.

Another challenge of this shoot was the logistics of shooting multiple videos out of order.  To move quickly we would film delivery of different videos all from the same angle before moving onto the next angle.  So there were quite complicated logistics put in place to make sure that all the elements were covered completely.

The Result

This large scale project, involving multiple lighting set-ups, precise tracking, complex client monitoring and extensive autocue work, all coming together to produce a seamless video that delivered precise detailed information in a short timeframe.

The Road Safety Authority launched the series of videos and pushed them out over social media here.