One of the most effective uses of video is personal profiles that illustrate the subject through first-person experience.  Showing emotion is video’s strongest characteristic. This blood transfusion case study demonstrates this  well.

The Aim

Listen to Therese Glennon’s story and give blood to the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.  Big Red Engine helped Irish International put this piece together in the Pobalscoil Neasáin in Baldoyle.  Over the course of a day we filmed both Therese and the Principal, to promote the IBTS’s new school packs.  A jam-packed day working with some of the nicest kids and a school that fully engaged with the process, we could not have had a more relaxed and productive day.

The importance of a personal story to drive participants to a cause or customers to a product is the most powerful way to drive the narrative, that personal experience is second to none in terms of a naturalistic, dynamic delivery, that can be the most truthful way.

To achieve this you need to create the right atmosphere where your participants can feel both comfortable and relaxed.  Once this is achieved you then need to deliver the right questions to ensure the correct responses.  This is one of the aspects of production that Big Red Engine really loves to do.

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