Information videos do not have to be stuffy and formal.  The key to delivering important detailed and complicated information is often to deliver it in an entertaining way.  There are several steps to making this work as this awards information video demonstrates.


Working with Real Nation we put together a series of videos to promote the ‘Our World Irish Aid Awards’.  Very early on we understood that the audience for this video was to be the teachers.  We wanted the video to be both informative and cheeky, so the idea of utilising the children to deliver the scripts was born.  We wrote three tight sub 90 second scripts that would be easy for 10 yearly storage deliver, and I tested them on my own cheeky 10 year old.


Over the course of three days we visited three different schools throughout the country. We choose the schools based on the different projects that we already knew they were working on.  This allowed us to get footage of the projects and also our child presenters. In each school we set-up a mini TV studio, not as complicated as it sounds, and sat the kids down to deliver the script to camera.  The key to getting a good autocue read is to get the people delivering the piece relaxed and comfortable.  So as you can imagine we as a crew and presenters spent more time laughing and joking than reading the script.

The Result

This job was a lot of fun from start to finish, the kids we got to work with were truly inspirational, and we also got homemade fairtrade cookies!  Result.

To find out more about the ‘Our World Irish Aid Awards’ take a look here. While you are there check out one of our videos at the bottom of the page!