Our education event coverage for the American Chamber of Commerce has been a valuable tool for them.  For the last three years we have been working with the chamber to record and archive their Learning Edge summit.  Every year the chamber gathers together both members of the education community from higher education institutions around the country with leading L&D experts from US Multinationals based in Ireland to discuss the latest trends in training and skills.

The Approach

This year the event was hosted in LinkedIn’s new state-of-the-art building, where we experienced stellar hospitality.  We need to cover all the presentations and splinter groups, over a number of floors in a vast building.  Detailed pre-planning, recce’s and extensive scheduling is the most effective way to meet this challenge.

Event videography can be an interesting challenge. For this particular event we were working closely with in-house video personnel, in a vast functioning office. While we worked the LinkedIn workforce were going about their daily life around us. This presents interesting challenges around both lighting and sound, all the while attempting to cause as little disruption as possible.  We have a great deal of experience in this kind of work and under these kind of working challenges while maintaining a high degree of professional politeness, and not getting under anyones feet.

A key requirement is getting good interview content to compliment the atmospheric footage.  A great combination of attendees, stakeholders and presenters is a must in this situation.  Their responses will form the backbone of the content that will drive the informative aspect of any video.

The Result

Filming completed, the key is to produce a detailed and relevant highlights package in the shortest timeframe.  The end result distributed over social media, needs to be both informative and entertaining in equal measures.

If you look very closely you might spot us hard at work in amongst the photos on their Flickr feed here.