A companies corporate social responsibility work can have enormous benefits for both employee retention and attraction.  One way to get the message out about your active CSR projects is to use video to record your activities.  This helps to communicate to staff, both current and prospective, the importance and scope of what you do. The KPMG Going for Growth project is a fantastic example of the good work that they do.

Going For Growth

As part of KPMG’s extensive CSR programme, they work with a project called ‘Going for Growth’.  This is a network of Irish female entrepreneurs, organised into peer-led support groups.  The network encourages and assists the entrepreneurs through peer-led support groups.  This impressive project is now in its third successful year, we went to the KPMG offices in Stokes Place, to record this years final ceremony and chat to the participants.

The Approach

Through a combination of Interviews with participants and stakeholders and coverage footage of the event we produced this highlights video.  One of the most important factors is to find a way to get the footage that is required without intruding too much on the proceedings.  The balance with a project like this is to deliver the atmosphere of the event but still be able to conduct an audible interview!

The Result

Working with clients to document their CSR, is a vital part of that work on a number of levels.  It helps to demonstrate a companies commitment to CSR.  Documenting the work also helps to show the impact that work is doing both to your workforce and also to the world at large.  Finally it also provides a much needed retrospective on the work for the people who matter the most, the communities that the work serves.

To find out more about KPMG’s fantastic work with Going for Growth or to get involved click here.