The power of graphics combined within live-action footage can elevate a simple video to a different height.  They can add extra layers of information to compliment or reinforce the message a video is trying to convey. A great example of this is in the Savills Ireland promo video we produced

The Challenge

Savills Ireland approached us to create a video for them, equivalent to one that was produced for their UK division.  The only problem was they did not have the vast resources that the UK have.  How to produce a video of the same high standards with only a fraction of the time and the budget?

The Approach

We built a first pass of the live action footage, establishing both the Irish backdrop and the Savills Ireland properties.  Once this was approved, we demonstrated how their iconic 3D graphic yellow box would appear within this, utilising a simple still 2D graphic overplayed on the footage.  Sometimes it can be challenging to visualise how a finished product will look but by adding these approval steps to the overall workflow, we kept the client abreast of the developing project.  Once the location of the box was signed off by the Savills, we completed the task of animating the box adding movement and depth.  The final step after another approval from Savills was to add depth of field, defocus and finally grade, making it look like the box was part of the original footage all along.

The Result

The result was a combination of live location work and 3d graphics, seamlessly blended to create a catch-all tool.  A tool Savills Ireland can use at events, conferences and expos.  They have also added the video to their “About Us” section of their website!

We are extremely pleased with the end product.  It is a excellent example of how the use of strategic graphic elements can compliment a project.

This is what we produced.