Big Red Engine are delighted to have been involved in the post production of two documentaries nominated for IFTAs today.

Nominated for Best Documentary Series, The Estate follows the highs and lows of daily life for the residents of Ballybeg, a sprawling council estate in Waterford City. Moments of hardship were coupled with moments of joy, as the series provides a rounded portrait of a council estate in 21st century Ireland.

In the Sports category, Batmen tells the story of Irish cricket, a loved but also a misunderstood sport in Ireland. War, famine, emigration and immigration have all impacted Irish cricket. Batmen charts Irish cricket’s multifaceted course from earliest days to the 21st Century, weaving archive, expert interviews and observational sequences.

Both shows were edited by Emer O’Clery and graded by Scott Fairweather in Big Red Engine, and produced by Jamie D’alton and Anne McLoughlin for Motive Television. Congratulations to them on the nominations!