The power of peer-led support in ACORNS

When I worked on the KPMG Going for Growth project I got to meet Paula Fitzsimons, the powerhouse behind these tremendous projects.  One of the other networks that she helps to organise is Acorns, which is a version of Going for Growth for rural female entrepreneurs, peer led support groups throughout the country that help to drive, promote and encourage female-led rural businesses.

Acorns is a network of rural female entrepreneurs working in peer-led support teams based around a lead entrepreneur, exploring themes of strategy, sales, marketing, finance and implementation. This fantastic project has led to an upsurge of both female led businesses and a defined impact on bringing growth in rural communities through business.

This video was filmed at the annual end of cycle ceremony where one group finishes and the new group of entrepreneurs begin.  To be involved with this project is a great honour and to be around these women is a truly inspirational experience.