Edited by Emer O’Clery, A Parting Gift is a two-part series which tells the story of the Body Donation Programme at Trinity College, Dublin.

Filmed over 18 months, the programme captures different perspectives on the body donation:  from the motives and life-stories of donors to the experience of their bereaved families; the staff of the Anatomy Department who receive and prepare remains; and the medical students (past & present) who benefit from a donor’s parting gift.

In episode one, we meet the 1st year Medical students as they are introduced to the donors for the first time, and follow the process of a new donor’s arrival into the college.

In episode two we catch up with the students’ progress as they approach end-of-year exams, as well as hearing from established surgeons and physicians and their experiences in the Anatomy Department.

The documentaries encompass science & medical history, cultural attitudes towards death & bereavement and the big questions of mortality & spirituality.

Edited by Emer O’Clery in Big Red Engine. Directed by Gerry Hoban. Produced by Cormac Hargaden and Trisha Canning for Loosehorse.